Electric vehicle charging

Transport innovation

Energy Superhub Oxford will be the world’s first transmission-connected electric vehicle (EV) network. This means it will connect directly to National Grid’s extra-high voltage system, and bypass the local distribution network. It will provide up to 25MW for EV charging which is enough power for well over 100 ultra-rapid chargers (that’s equivalent to around 100 supermarkets). These will be operated by several Charge Point Operators (CPOs).

A fleet migration study of the Council’s fleet has examined the challenges of migrating its 340 vehicles, managed by Oxford Direct Services, to electric. This includes a range of vehicles from cars and vans though to tipper trucks and refuse collection vehicles. The project will electrify 37 of these, covering a full range of vehicles. The project will explore the value to be gained by ‘smart’ charging, using variable time-of-day tariffs to pick the cheapest times to charge.

EV network cable route

The cable route approximately will be approximately 8km in length, connecting the two hubs to the transmission grid. Planning permissions are currently being sought to enable work to commence in 2020. The network could be extended in the future to other key points around the City as EV charging needs grow.

Adding buses

We’re working with local bus operators, Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach, to assess the opportunities for a phased migration of their fleets to zero emission electric vehicles. This will significantly improve air quality in and around the City and boost the already key role that buses play by replacing cars. Could we be Britain’s first “all-electric bus town” – a Government project announced in September 2019? We hope so.

Taxi trials

A ‘Try-B4-U-Buy’ scheme is being run for Oxford’s cab drivers, enabling them to try out two different electric taxis as they consider switching to an electric vehicle. The LEVC and Dynamo models are being trialled early in 2020.


Further opportunities?

There are many other potential users for the EV network, and it is our aim to open the network up to other businesses around the ring road as their needs for EV charging grow. In the longer term, further extensions could be made to include other City Park and Rides.

The Redbridge hub will also support the Council Fleet when it moves to Redbridge at some point in the next few years.

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Project plan

ESO is a three-year project, launched in April 2019. 2020 is the key year for the project’s construction phase, and the system will go live at the end of the year.

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