Our innovative technologies

Energy Superhub Oxford combines a number of innovative technologies and integrates these to deliver cleaner energy solutions that cut carbon and improve air quality for Oxford’s citizens.

Electric vehicle charging

We have installed 42 charging points at Redbridge Park & Ride for public use, including a combination of Ultra-rapid DC chargers and Fast AC Chargers catering for the full range of vehicles. Charging points have also been installed at several Oxford City Council Depots, including Horspath and Cowley, to charge the electric vehicles purchased for the Council’s fleet.

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Battery energy storage

Our hybrid battery combines a 50MW lithium-ion battery with a 2MW vanadium flow battery, provided by Wärtsilä and Invinity Energy Systems respectively. By operating the two systems together, we can gain the best of both technologies to provide a range of services to the National Grid and to trade in the day-ahead, intraday and balancing mechanism markets.


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Ground source heating

Over 60 domestic heat pumps have been installed in Blackbird Leys, with shared ground arrays, drilled to a depth of 120m and using new “shoebox” heat pumps, which fit discretely in individual properties. Smart controls have been fitted to learn the heat profile of the user and optimise heating to maximise cost and carbon savings.

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Optimisation and trading engine

The Optimisation and Trading Engine (OTE) uses machine learning technology to operate and optimise the hybrid battery second-by-second. It is also simulating the potential benefits of charging Oxford City Council’s electrified fleet at optimal times of day to minimise charging and operational costs.

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