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Thinking about the climate emergency

We want the ESO project to get everyone in Oxford thinking about the climate emergency we face, and considering if you could be swapping your old diesel car for an electric one, or your old electrical storage heater/ gas boiler for a heat pump.

Join the EV revolution

We think many people don’t realise that EVs can already be cheaper overall (due to lower running costs), as well as being better for the environment and a lot more fun to drive. We’re working on some cost comparison tools to share, but in the meantime please contact the team if you’d like to find out more. Whether you’re just running your own private car or a whole fleet of company cars, we’d like to find out more about what might be stopping you from switching.

Engaging with schools

We’re also going to be preparing some materials for schools, to highlight the realities of climate change and share some of the challenges and opportunities we face as we decarbonize our energy systems. If you’d like to find out more about what we’re doing, or have ideas of your own you’d like to contribute, please contact the team.

The latest

09 July 2020

ESO in conversation: Ed Porter, Invinity Energy Systems

At the heart of Energy Superhub Oxford is the largest hybrid battery ever built, helping make sure more of the electricity powering our lives comes from renewable…

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09 July 2020

Energy Superhub Oxford project sees installation of new electric vehicle chargers at ODS depot

22 June 2020

ESO in conversation: Sam Hampton, Environmental Change Institute

16 June 2020

ESO webinar – 1 July

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