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  • What is happening with Oxford taxis?

    ESO is supporting Oxford City Council’s Try-B4-U-Buy scheme which offers hackney cab drivers the opportunity to trial two different types of electric taxis, the LEVC and Dynamo, before they buy.

  • What is ESO doing with electric buses?

    The ESO team are talking to local bus operators to assess the opportunities for a phased migration of their fleets to zero emission electric vehicles. This would significantly improve air quality in and around Oxford and would further boost the role buses play in reducing emissions and congestion.

  • What kind of heat pumps is ESO using?

    ESO will install 60 highly efficient ground source heat pumps at households in and around Oxford to reduce heating costs and emissions.

  • Why are the heat pumps ‘smart’?

    The heat pumps combine smart controls with dynamic pricing signals to shift operation to the cleanest and cheapest times of day.  They also learn the resident’s heating preferences and how the building fabric heats up and cools down. With all this they can optimise the heating profile for comfort and cost.

  • How long will it take to complete ESO?

    ESO is a four-year project which began in April 2019. It includes the installation of a world-first hybrid battery energy storage project, 8km of cabling, and a smart network of EV chargepoints and ground source heat pumps. The project has been slightly delayed by Covid, and will be fully installed and live from the end of 2021. The original end date for the project was June 2022 but this is being extended to reflect the delays caused by Covid. The infrastructure will continue to deliver lasting long-term benefits to Oxford and its citizens supporting the city’s journey to net zero and cutting air pollution and carbon emissions.

  • What’s the cost of project and how is it funded?

    ESO is a £41 million world-first project which will provide a model for cities around the world to cut carbon and improve air quality. The project has received £10 million of grant funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) which will accelerate delivery timescales.

  • Where is the new cable going and how long will it take to install?

    An 4 mile cable route will connect the battery to an electric vehicle charging hub at Redbridge Park & Ride. The installation will commence in August 2021 and is expected to take approximately five months. The network could be extended to other points around Oxford as EV charging needs grow.

  • Will I be affected by roadworks?

    A 4 mile cable route will be installed to connect the battery to an electric vehicle charging hub at Redbridge Park & Ride. During the installation – which will commence in August 2021 and take approximately five months – there may be some minor roadworks along the route. Much of the cable route will follow the Eastern By-pass cycle path, which will remain open to cyclists while works are carried out. ESO will be working closely with our partners to minimise any disruption and keep Oxford residents up to date on progress.

  • How can I get involved?

    ESO is helping to tackle the climate crisis and will help to deliver cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions for the benefit of all Oxford’s citizens. To support this activity we are:

    • Developing cost comparison tools and use cases to clearly demonstrate the cost benefit of switching to low carbon transport and heating solutions
    • Working with local schools to develop educational materials
    • Partnering with Oxford-based businesses to help electrify their fleets

    To keep up to date on project news and progress please follow us on social media. If you’d like to find out more about what we’re doing or have ideas of your own you’d like to contribute, please contact the team.

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